Tim Piazza's Death (When your own laws, bias and standards work against you!)

I don't know if y'all  heard about this in the news so just in case here's what happened. A fraternity at Penn State was hazing a pledge name Tim Piazza. The frat gave Tim 18 drinks in 82 minutes. Tim got drunk and fell down a flight of stairs and sustained head, neck, spleen and lung injuries and later died. But here is the twist after Tim fell and became unconscious none of the frat bothers in the house called 911 and he died 12 hours later. So now of course the family wants justice for what happened to their son especially since hazing is suppose to be against the law. So the prosecutors have been trying to get these fuckers for awhile now but the judge keep throwing out all of the charges. Yes because they are little white privileged kids. One of frat members attorney's even went on record saying "This was a sad and tragic loss of life but not every unfortunate tragedy should result in serious criminal charges." Which gets us to thinking about Manslaughter right? What the fuck is this guy on? Plus the prosecutors filed 300 charges to get justice and the same attorney said the charges were "unfounded, unwarranted and unjustified." What kind of crack-pipe attorney is this you wonder? I'll tell you what kind, the kind that the judge listened to and threw out over 280 charges including Manslaughter. Even though Tim was under the drinking age the attorney's are arguing that no made him drink. Its like the entire defense is saying (look these aren't you typical hoodlums, these are privileged white kids, OUR KIDS and we don't send our own to jail no matter what they did.) It's like something out of a cartoon saying oh yeah he fell down the stairs and passed out but how was we suppose to know that he got injured and wasn't going to wake up again. IF we seen someone fall down the stairs at a mall or bar and was totally drunk wouldn't we all go over to make sure the person was okay? So if the defense is arguing the other fraternity members didn't have common sense to know that something was wrong, would we really want to live in a society were these same people was able and smart enough to get into Penn State. They are not showing they lack common sense because they deleted a video that was recovered by the FBI showing the hazing. SO they knew what they were doing was wrong and tried to cover it up. That doesn't show a lack of common sense but a like of compassion and moral judgement. But let it be said that this is what happens when your own laws, bias and standards work against you white people. If this had happened to Tim and a black house party and all of the perpetrators were black every single charge the prosecutor brought against them would have stuck. The judge would have been the first advocate to say he was underage, they lack moral compass, they didn't care about Tim's well being,  he was forced and so on. In our society today we can always see discrimination and bias by cops, judges and society at large. I would propose a system where if you are being judge for a crime that the judge, jury and society at large does not see the accused or even see their names , let the lawyers both present their sides of the case and only look at the merits of a case and decided if the person was right or wrong. Its sad that Tim's family will not get justice for his death.

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