Rent Increase For Low Income Families

On the news today people are talking about the increase of rent for low income families. I want to be the first to say that I'm all for it. 

The Run Down =

1.Tenants living in section 8 homes pay 30% of their income to rent.

2. Tenants who live in public housing pays no more than $50.00

3. Most of the people living in these homes and apartments have someone living with them that's not suppose to be there and are working or collecting some other type of income. GR or social security or whatever. (We all know this to be true.)

The imposed increase would make the percentage go from 30% to 35 percent of section 8 home rents and tenants in public housing to $150.00 and require them to register to work and or work a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Here is why I'm for it and to be honest I don't think its enough.

Most of the people who live in public housing apartments, don't really need it and are taking advantage of the system. When they get section 8 to them its like the party just started. They literally plan on staying in public housing or on section 8 for the rest of their lives. They have no intention of getting a job or doing anything except ride the system and the working class has to pick up the bill. 

We all have seen these type of people riding the system. They go to the county building and GR building driving nice cars and all dressed up like they got a good paying job. They ones that you see that seem to really need it really don't they are on drugs and that's where most of the money goes to. 

Please don't get me started about the food stamps we all see them selling. Its gotten so bad they will stand inside of Walmart and ask you while you are in line if you want to buy some food stamps.

Most of the people who are getting section 8 or public housing men and women have other people who are not suppose to be living with them living in the apartments and homes. 

Working class people pay a arm and a leg for housing and the system is so screwed up that as many poor working Americans can tell you they don't qualify for public housing and yet more that half of their paychecks goes towards rent.

Who wouldn't want to sit on their asses collecting $600.00 a month in welfare and 400.00 in food stamps and have a man out working and paying less than $50.00 a month in rent. 

While the working class are struggling to make ends meet these freeloaders are cleaning up wearing $200.00 Jordans just to go to Walmart in and spend food stamps.

So yes I'm all for it and if you ask me its not enough they need to word at least 30 hours a week and have a time limit on how long they can live in public housing and on section 8.




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    why yall snitchin?
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Everybody and they mommas committing fraud. I'm not telling on no one until we start getting paid for turning people in. Then watch how many people get busted!
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  •  Anonymous: 
    a bunch of haters
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  •  Anonymous: 
    My friend Shelia lives with her son in his house with his family and have section 8 apt her brother and his family living there in Bakersdfield.
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  •  Anonymous: 
    I know a lady right now buying a house on section 8. The house is in her boyfriend name and he has a good job and he collects the checks from section 8 and pay the mortgage and he lives there. She is collecting money from foster care and her own kids collect county money to. Homegirl is ballin out of control. New cars parked in the driveway and all.
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