Nicolas Cruz

Does it seem odd to anyone else that the people who took him in are trying to get the monkey off their backs? With the headline "We had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know it" Does this seem like bullshit to anyone else? They talk about him being depressed but allowed him to have assault rifles in the house. These two seem like monsters to me, they talked about trying to get him help I wonder if the media confirmed that part of the story and why is the media trying to portray him as a monster. Let us see pictures of him being a real person when his mother was alive. Not the fucked up mugshot of a teenager who is starting to realize he really just fucked up. We want to paint him as a monster because we have to tell ourselves he is not like my kids but the truth is how do we know unless we try to understand him and what he did and what pushed him over the edge to do what he did. I'm not saying paint him as a victim and he should be convicted and in my opinion held somewhere for the rest of his life because lets be honest if we don't know what set him off who's to say he wont do it again. What I'm saying is lets also try to find out why he did what he did to prevent other tragedies and also not let the two fucks who are  trying to escape fault in this matter. Lets see it at it for what it is people. You let someone move into your house and knew he was depressed from having a mother to die which is for me the worst kind of depression and let him have guns, assault rifles as you called them in your home and all of sudden when he goes out and uses them he is suddenly a monster in your eyes. The question we have to ask ourselves was where was that monster when you let him move in with your own children living their and what kind of home environment did they have him living in or did they do something to this kid in their home to push him over the edge and make him a monster because we really don't know and it seems to reason he wasn't a monster until he moved in with you two...

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