Antelope Valley High School

This is my first year in the Antelope Valley and first I realized I moved to the wrong side, the east side of Lancaster. I'm a single working mother of 4 children and I moved from Los Angeles to keep my kids safe and alive. I found a good looking home with a cheap down payment and wanted to do better for my family. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. For a single mother its hard to raise a man and  really hard to raise a black man in today's society. I try to teach my boys all they need to know to survive. Don't wear these colors, stay away from gangs, be honest, don't steal, use condoms, do your homework, be inside by dark, let me know where you are at, tell your friends parents to call me, let me meet your friends, let me meet their parents, where do they live. The list goes on and on. My boys think I'm too strict on them and sometimes I think I am too but the Trevon Martin pops up in my head and I bet you a million dollars his parents wish the were stricter with him. My boys are black youths and being a black young man you don't have to look for trouble you can be walking down the street minding your own business and trouble finds you. People want to rob you for your wallet, watch, jewelry, shoes I mean it can be anything and just because. Cops looking at you because you are black on the eastside and walking down the street, and this is enough to pull you over. So yes I'm strict on my boys. I want them to learn and grow up to be good men in this world and 1 of my biggest barriers is now Antelope Valley High School! This school promotes gang colors, with students wearing red hoodies and red hats OMG! If you live in Antelope Valley you know all about the bloods and the PDL's out here. Why would a school promote red colors. Promote more of your black and white colors. More so the teachers something is wrong with them, maybe not all of them but most of them. How can a student be 30 mins late to class every morning and the parent never gets wind of it because the teacher simply marks the student present. As parents how can we find out if our children are making it to school on time if the teachers won't let us know. The  way I found out was my child was trying this with other teachers who did mark him tardy and absent. I got a letter home saying my son had 42 absences, 42! Where in the hell have he been? I look at his progress report and it don't make sense to me he is getting B's and C's. I recently got my GED and going back to school at Antelope Valley College. We can't miss 3 days without getting dropped or failing the class, how in the hell do you have 42 absences and get a B? This is something really needs looking into? My son makes it to practice everyday after school and no one knew he was skipping class. I would have know if he got kicked off the team for grades. Are the teachers just passing our kids to get them out of there. I talked to 1 of his teachers who told me to send him to QHHS where her son goes they teachers care more. If a teacher would not let her son go to AVHS fearing for his education and his safety how can we let our children go there? I hope all mothers look into AVHS and your child where abouts because we think are sending them to get an education and they are safe but we are sending them to a place where other students are selling weed brownies and students who are 18 who are still going to AVHS and persuading our kids to do other things, fight on snapchat, sex in alleys and the list goes on and on. 

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