Top Rated News
Top Rated News
29.05.2016 · In Business & Money · From cali661
56% of Walmart's revenue comes from food-stamps and programs like EBT here in the Antelope Valley. But does that give Walmart a right to discriminate against the working class who goes out and work for a living and get a paycheck. Walmart seems to think it does! For hard working Americans like mysel…
05.12.2016 · In Love & Relationships · From Hard2resist
She live in Antelope Acres and her name is Sarah and she was my best friend and she had sex with my boyfriend his name is Seth and he is in the pictures (if you see him punch him in his dick for me) and she posted the pictures on Instagram and she is a ho and for all of you guys who wants to get you…
28.09.2016 · In Love & Relationships · From Brazilia
I want to do a post on the finest AVC men. I want to post up pictures and have girls to post of pictures of the finest guys at AVC and have girls to vote.
23.11.2016 · In Politics · From Chris
Donald Trump is not a racist, he is a concerned American Citizen as we all should be. He is right all of the jobs have been taken out of America and moved to other countries. Listen to what O'Reilly  says about blacks!  
25.11.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From Marcus
This kid doesn’t know how to lose without trying every dirty trick in the book.The fight starts off rather nice, they start it off fair and square with plenty of people making sure no one takes it too far. But once the white kid starts losing badly he can’t help himself but go for one of the dirties…
28.11.2016 · In Automotive · From rebhead
This news is not in the 661 but I wanted to post it anyway. I hope you post my news.   Before any of you guys drop a bone head comment think about all the stuff you did as a teenager. We all make mistakes and did things that were not the smartest. This teen shared a racing meme hours befo…
07.12.2016 · In Other · From jay_g
Antelope Valley residents who gathered at a special forum on Saturday offered a mixed assessment of how Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies are treating locals after the county approved a settlement with U.S. officials who concluded that the department systematically profiled and harassed racial m…
16.12.2016 · In Cultures & Nations · From Hationly
This type of racism just makes me want to cry,actually I did cry watching the video. I can't believe people would sit around watching and not say anything. With some people everything is black and white but when you are a good person you are not just a good person in public but also behind closed do…
20.12.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From dana
This is my first year in the Antelope Valley and first I realized I moved to the wrong side, the east side of Lancaster. I'm a single working mother of 4 children and I moved from Los Angeles to keep my kids safe and alive. I found a good looking home with a cheap down payment and wanted to do bette…
02.02.2016 · In Crime · From admin
Ricardo Medina was arrested for murdering his roommate last year. Medina and Joshua Sutter his roommate had an argument that escalated into a fist fight. During the fight Medina and his girlfriend retreated to his room in which the alleged victim Joshua Sutter forced open the bedroom door. Medina go…
19.05.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From admin
An Antelope Valley High School Student by the name of Christopher Canning got his nose broken during a football showcase today.
02.06.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From Mark
Here is my news I hope it gets posted. Ok so these two girls was cheating on the final today in class. We was in class and I was sitting net too these two thots and when I looked over they had they phones out cheat on the final I was like WTF and we was in PSY 101-07 General Psychology with Professo…
11.06.2016 · In Business & Money · From Eddie
Pizza hut has some of the best pizza around. I buy from them all the time and get text and emails about specials. But they pissed me off lately. I seen a commercial on TV about $5.00 deals and I went online to order pizza and the $5.00 deals don't apply out her in the Antelope Valley. This is such b…
24.11.2016 · In Politics · From Tay1
Have anybody else seen these stupid F-Word? Seriously do you think the United States would let California leave the union? Sorry we are not giving California back to Mexico. We took it fair and square or by force war or whatever the point is we are not giving it back and some stupid vote in't going …
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