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Recent News
04.09.2017 · In Mass Media · From Aaron
  Photo Credit: GoFundMe According to New York Post, A Florida girl has died after she was injured months ago on a dare from her cousin to drink boiling water through a straw. Ki’ari Pope, 8, suffered medical problems since March when she burned her throat and mouth upon performing the dare, th…
04.09.2017 · In Sex · From Lafinest21
              COMMENTS In the wake of the allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby, a plethora of organizations cut ties with him, previously awarded honors and titles were rescinded, Reruns of The Cosby Show and other shows featuring Cosby were pulled from the air, and 25 colleges and uni…
26.08.2017 · In Crime Teens & Schools · From Tay1
A COC Cougar football recruit, Azhon Davis, 18, of Lancaster, was arrested several hours earlier on Monday, at approximately 8:55 a.m., according to law enforcement officials. His arrest records list him as 6-feet, 5-inches tall and 310 pounds, and the college is also mentioned on a Hudl recruiting …
26.08.2017 · In Crime · From Weedrat
PALMDALE – A man was robbed in a Palmdale parking lot Thursday night when he thought he was meeting up with someone who wanted to sell him a phone, authorities said, while warning other local buyers and sellers to beware. You never know who you are meeting. There are some meet up places but still yo…
06.01.2017 · In Fan Clubs · From London
A judgment has been made in The Game’s sexual assault case. Priscilla Rainey sued the 36-year-old for $10 million last summer while claiming he sexually assaulted her on his reality show She’s Got Game.
20.12.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From dana
This is my first year in the Antelope Valley and first I realized I moved to the wrong side, the east side of Lancaster. I'm a single working mother of 4 children and I moved from Los Angeles to keep my kids safe and alive. I found a good looking home with a cheap down payment and wanted to do bette…
20.12.2016 · In Crime · From NoCommision
Check it out we as black man and black people have to put a stop to injustice in the antelope valley. I want you to take a look at justices for whites and justice for blacks. Right now it is in our own backyard and we have to stand up and let people know we will not stand for injustice. Brooke Nicol…
16.12.2016 · In Cultures & Nations · From Hationly
This type of racism just makes me want to cry,actually I did cry watching the video. I can't believe people would sit around watching and not say anything. With some people everything is black and white but when you are a good person you are not just a good person in public but also behind closed do…
07.12.2016 · In Activities · From Keith
This place instantly closed as soon as it opened. This guy in Lancaster wanted to reopen it to give kids a place to get off the streets and have places to go at night and be safe but he was trying to get funding because he was going to use his own money but the owner wanted $10,000 a month for rent.…
07.12.2016 · In Other · From jay_g
Antelope Valley residents who gathered at a special forum on Saturday offered a mixed assessment of how Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies are treating locals after the county approved a settlement with U.S. officials who concluded that the department systematically profiled and harassed racial m…
06.12.2016 · In Crime · From Ben661
LANCASTER – The Lancaster Sheriff’s Station is seeking your help in identifying and locating the following suspects. If you recognize them and know where they might be located, contact detectives using the information next to the suspects’ photos or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS. Adan Sepulveda is a 24…
05.12.2016 · In Love & Relationships · From Hard2resist
She live in Antelope Acres and her name is Sarah and she was my best friend and she had sex with my boyfriend his name is Seth and he is in the pictures (if you see him punch him in his dick for me) and she posted the pictures on Instagram and she is a ho and for all of you guys who wants to get you…
28.11.2016 · In Automotive · From rebhead
This news is not in the 661 but I wanted to post it anyway. I hope you post my news.   Before any of you guys drop a bone head comment think about all the stuff you did as a teenager. We all make mistakes and did things that were not the smartest. This teen shared a racing meme hours befo…
25.11.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From Marcus
This kid doesn’t know how to lose without trying every dirty trick in the book.The fight starts off rather nice, they start it off fair and square with plenty of people making sure no one takes it too far. But once the white kid starts losing badly he can’t help himself but go for one of the dirties…
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