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Part 1 About me:Brazilian parents, lived in the USA most of my life.Black, 6'3", a ripped athlete on the college football team.Blessed by God with a large penis.Orientation: I love women, but I occasionally like to top men. Started experimented as a bottom
Jermy 25.03.2017 0 155

Dont get all butt hurt just hear me out. Im from Atlanta (born and raised) and move to the Antelope Valley 9 months ago. Nice city I like it here made a few friends and started going to AVC may try out for the football team next semester who knows. Dont ge
Todd 24.11.2016 5 340

What the fuck is going on with these men running around with this nappy as hair? Who the fuck fuck told you just because you have money mean you can be nappy. Nappy don't meant happy! Men groom yourselves upstairs and down. and trim that nappy as beard! Ho
niQue 21.11.2016 0 141

Why do niggas be trying to compare real females to fake bitches. Nigga Beyonce not real this bitch ugly in real life look for her untouched photos nigga! If you gonna compare me to somebody compare me to a real bitch.
Latrice 19.11.2016 1 154

Can racism every be funny? I always thought if we make fun of racism it would go away. But somehow making jokes and laughing at racism is more unappropriated. We laugh and play and say they are just jokes but the truth is jokes hurt. If you every been the
Jessie 16.12.2016 2 248

This guy is the real racist. Look at my news post.
Chris 24.11.2016 0 146

Men shaving your pubics is not okay. Look men its alright if you shave you chest,belly, underarms, back, ect. But its not alright to have hardwood floors you fucken FAGGOT! Men  don't shave their eyebrows or pubic hair.You can trim both to look neat but no
niQue 23.11.2016 1 154

I feel like all of my friends, family, and classmates label me as “white” because I don’t act “black” (or at least, the stereotype of someone with dark skin). My father was Dominican Republican, and (other than me) the only non-white member of my family (e
luvthemamiz 19.11.2016 1 119