.. i reSt mY heAd iiN PalmDalE.. FulL tiimE Mom oF a soN & SIINGLE buT neVer aLoNe! oN heRe loOkn tO maKe neW friiEndz. iF u WaNna geT tO kNo mE ThAts aLL gOOd bUt iF u AsK mE tO sEnD u PicZ u WiLL gEt igNor'D , tHat ShiT iS HIGHLY ANNOYING !! [[ TrusT nO Man feaR nO biitCh ]]
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You messed up this article he grabbed his shit did you hear the kid scream and stop fighting. LMAO
25.11.2016 · In Teens & Schools · From Marcus
This kid doesn’t know how to lose without trying every dirty trick in the book.The fight starts off rather nice, they start it off fair and square with plenty of people making sure no one takes it too far. But once the white kid starts losing badly he can’t help himself but go for one of the dirties…
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